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Tango Made Easy

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Today's post is for reader Larry Wilson Hays, whos birthday is today and who is also loves to Tango.


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A guy walks into a bar with an octopus under his arm and tells everyone it can play any musical instrument in the world. They all laugh at him so he wagers $50 to anyone who has an instrument the octopus cannot play.

One man approaches with a guitar and sets it down. The octopus starts playing better than Jimi Hendrix.

Next up is a trumpet and the octopus blows it as well as Dizzie Gillespie.

Then a Scotsman walks up with bagpipes. The octopus fumbles with them for a minute before sitting them down with a confused look.

"Ha!" the Scot says. "Can't you play it?"

The octopus looks up at him and says, "Play it? I'm going to make love to it as soon as I figure out how to get its pyjamas off."


Artwork by Dave Perillo, joke sent by reader Craig Frazier.

Finally Home

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After ten days of being away working a major conference in Vegas (and walking more than 80 miles during those ten days), and a long day of travel yesterday, I am finally home again. Hooray!

In the Clutch of the Monster

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I just arrived in Las Vegas today for work, and figured I should post somehting gambling related. Here is am amazing political cartoon by Joseph Keppler first printed on May 28, 1890 commenting on the terrible influence of gambling as it reaches out to grasp the masses across all social levels. (found via Wriphe.com)