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Entries for December 2015

Love and Tenticles

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True story: A few days before Christmas I was browsing around Etsy for cool octopus stuff (like you do), And I found this really cool print of an octopus couple, printed on recycled dictionary pages. I really liked it, so I showed it to my wife. She seemed completely disinterested, like she didn't see why I liked it at all. Fast forward to Christmas day, and I received a framed copy of that exact print. Turns out she had found it several weeks earlier, and when I showed it to her it was already wrapped and waiting for me. Isn't she awesome?

DIY Octopus Shirt

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No matter how many times this talented young woman says, "You can do this", in my heart of hearts I know that she is wrong. I could never make a shirt this cool myself. Maybe one of my super talented artistic friends could do it.

He Sees You When You're Sleeping

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Seriously, kids, he sees you. Always. His orange tentacles writhing and grasping at your dreams, just at the edge of your vision. Sleep tight!  (This insane window display from Stockholm only reinforces my desire to see Sweden someday.)

You Have to Water Your Octopus

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Reader Jan Taylor sent in this video of Montgomery, a giant pacific octopus at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. Montgomery's favorite activity is when they use the watering can to pour water on him. You can see him watching, and then flaring out his legs to catch the water as it comes down. This is one happy octopus.


Our Giant Pacific Octopus Montgomery enjoys his watering can. This is his favorite enrichment toy so far!

Posted by Aquatic Animal Health Program on Friday, December 11, 2015

Nightmare Fuel

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Whelp, that's it. I'm not going to be sleeping tonight. Might as well keep the rest of you up with with me. Description from the original post: "As soon as I found this website I knew I had to send this in. It is a ceramic baby head, on ceramic octopus legs, and my boyfriend’s mother actually gave this to me for Christmas last year!!! It scares me and cracks me up at the same time. I am going to save it, and re-gift it to her in a few years. It will be hilarious."


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I commented to my wife yesterday that I don't even go looking for these things anymore, they just jump out in front of me during the normal course of my day. Case in point: I was looking at at this cool Star Wars Christmas tee, just minding my own business, when this design called "(s)inked" by artist Kharmazero appeared right below it. Sadly, it is no longer available as a shirt. But the design is still way cool.

Those Ruby Red Lips

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Okay, so they're not really lips, it's just a funnel. But it sure makes her look all prettied up, especially with the bioluminescent tips to the tentacles. I know, it's a squid and not an octopus, but I thought this video was pretty cool anyway.

Gone Walkabout

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BBC One captures some great footage of an octopus taking a stroll across the beach to check out some other tidal pools.




Nature Says, "Don't Touch!"

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See that pretty, pretty cephalapod with the neon cobalt patterns? That's the blue-ring octopus, and it is one of the most deadly creatures in the sea. Its saliva contains a potent venom that can cause paralysis, resperatory failure, and death. It doesn't even have to bite you -- simple skin contact is enough to cause neurological symptoms. Even worse, the bite is not painful at all; you may not even have noticed, and then five to ten minutes later the symptoms set in. "Interestingly, the victim's heart continues to beat until extreme asphyxia sets in. Some victims report being conscious, but unable to speak or move. They may even appear clinically dead with pupils fixed and dilated."

But she sure is pretty.

Clearly Amazing

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Smithsonian Earth TV gives us a reare glimpse of the glass octopus. If I didn't know better I would say this is a special effect.