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Live Slow, Grow Big

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The wizards at the Monteray Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) capture a giant Haliphron Atlanticus on film, eating a jellyfish. This is only the third time in 27 years that a MBARI ROV has captured the Haliphron on camera.

The Red Sea Rules!

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When three different people send me the same video within a matter of hours, you know I'm going to post it here...

Kong vs Kraken!

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The new trailer for Kong: Skull Island just dropped, and it gave me a very pleasant surprise. Check it out at one minute and 51 seconds in. Blink, and you will miss all the lovely, lovely tentacles.


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"That there's some pure evil you kids unleashed, and it ain't gonna stop killin' until it gets what it wants."
"And, what DOES it want?"
"To keep killin'!"

Kitten Loves Octopus

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So my wife and are watching The Santa Clarita Diet, when a character mentions a YouTube video about a kitten and an octopus. You know I had to look that up.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! UW Tacoma Multimedia Production Supervisor Paul Lovelady made this video and it's pretty great. Enjoy!

Posted by University of Washington Tacoma on Monday, October 31, 2016


Terrifying Boat Attack

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Check out this clip of the terrifying boat attack from the classic 1977 film Tentacles.  (NOTE: In this case the word "terrifying" might not exactly be the correct description.)


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Lately Disney seems to be marketing directly to me. Check out this trailer for Moana, coming out this fall. In particular, check out around the 18 second mark as Maui battles a giant octopus. Yay!


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...and then there's the time an octopus stole a GoPro from a diver in order to take a selfie:

Balloony Octopus

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Here's a video posted by E/V Nautilus just a few days ago of a really cool pink octopus who has an amazing membrane between the tentacles that balloons up. It's really amazing to watch.

Honda Paper

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I spent my morning at a Honda dealership getting my car serviced, and saw this cool commercial. In particular, check out the 45 second mark where a lovely cephalapod makes an appearance.

Finding Dory

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Pixar released a new trailer today for Finding Dory, and not only does it include Hank (the octopus voiced by Ed O'Neill) but also a surprise bonus cephalapod. It's like they made this movie just for me!


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A trainer in New Zealand was able to teach an octopus to take photos of aquarium visitors. My favorite quote from the the article: "When we first tried to get her to take a photo, it only took three attempts for her to understand the process. That’s faster than a dog. Actually it’s faster than a human in some instances."

Hank the Septapus

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Director Andrew Stanton and actor Ed O'Neill reveal the startling fact that Hank the Septapus has been hiding in plain sight in ever Pixar movie since 1995...

Om Nom Nom

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I gotta say, this octopus has it all figured out. Just sit in one spot, and wait for dinner to come to you.

Ghost Octopus

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Submitted by reader Approximately Everyone, here is a brand new octopus discovered this month in the deep waters off the coast of Hawaii.


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I dig the fancy balloon octopus, but it's really the kid that makes the video for me.

Happy Octopus Groundhog Day

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"If the octopus sees his shadow, folks, we have six more weeks of calimari..."


Happy Octopus Day? We actually aren't even sure what this means ... but Happy Groundhog Day anyhow, everyone! WATCH Punxsutawney live now: http://abc7ny.com/live/23376/

Posted by ABC7NY on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Taking the Plunge

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When I proposed, all I had to do was take my lady to Disney World and find the perfect spot (Haunted Mansion). This poor guy has go on an actual underwater quest to rescue the ring from a voracious shark. Good thing he has the help of an adorable octopus.

Octopus vs Crab Redux

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Sent in by reader Lori DeFuso, video proof that ocotpodes are much better swimmers than crabs. Also:  I never knew that crabs could swim.

Kaiju Attack!

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Last week spectators in Japan were given the special treat of seeing a giant Humboldt Squid surface in Toyama Bay. I am not nearly as fond of squid as I am of octopodes, but this dude is pretty cool.

Amazing Color Changes

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Check out all the amazing color and texture changes throughout this entire video. I love early on, where the octopus gives herself a white racing stripe.

You Have to Water Your Octopus

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Reader Jan Taylor sent in this video of Montgomery, a giant pacific octopus at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. Montgomery's favorite activity is when they use the watering can to pour water on him. You can see him watching, and then flaring out his legs to catch the water as it comes down. This is one happy octopus.


Our Giant Pacific Octopus Montgomery enjoys his watering can. This is his favorite enrichment toy so far!

Posted by Aquatic Animal Health Program on Friday, December 11, 2015

Those Ruby Red Lips

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Okay, so they're not really lips, it's just a funnel. But it sure makes her look all prettied up, especially with the bioluminescent tips to the tentacles. I know, it's a squid and not an octopus, but I thought this video was pretty cool anyway.

Gone Walkabout

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BBC One captures some great footage of an octopus taking a stroll across the beach to check out some other tidal pools.