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Entries for July 2017

Farewell George Romero

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I am very saddened at the news today of George Romero's passing. It is no exageration to say that his work as a filmmaker played a formative role in my love of horror films. The work he did, particulary in the late 60's through the mid-80's, is staggeringly brilliant. Zombies may or may not be your thing, but the simple truth is that he personally had a massive impact on American pop culture - an impact that continues to echo today and presumably well into the future.

I haven't been able to identify the artist of this piece. If you happen to know, please drop me a line at ron@jamesaxler.com so that I can give proper credit.

Welcome to Long Beach, WA

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Check out this brand new sign that artist Joshua Blewett carved for the city of Long Beach in Washington State. I am a Seattle boy, born and raised, and have been to Long Beach many times. If you are ever in the great Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend a visit.

Dripping Art

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Our air conditioning has gone out here at Shmoolok Estates, and in Central Florida in July that is no trivlal thing. It's a wee bit warm and drippin in here, much like this amazing pop art octopus painted by Carissa Weber:

Lifelike Octopodes are Taking Over Cities

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Artist David Brodeur, @lockedandloading on Instagram or LockedAndLoading.com, creates amazing organic designs both practical and virtual. For his Invasion series he has placed several different octopus-like alien things out in real-world settings, and the result is visceral and hypnotic. You really have to go visit the Instragram page and see the animated versions to see them pulsing and throbbing. Wow! (source)


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I don't know whether this image was created by Brian Kesinger (of Otto & Victoria fame, and whose work I have featured here several times), or if he just found it and posted it. But it's the best, most patriotic thing I have seen all day:

I Want This Guitar

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I don't know that having this beautiful octopus-engraved guitar would improve my playing at all, but at least it would give people something entertaining to look at  to distract them from my playing...