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NOTE: I am not a marine biologist, I am just an idiot with a blog


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It's Showtime!

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Yes, I survived the pandemic. After two and a half years I was inspired to post again when a cast member shared this for opening night (TONIGHT!) of a show I am in. "Don't tell me how to do my job now, 'Cause I'm totally doin' my job now."

(Thank you to Joe Llorens for inspiring me to revive this blog)

I Want This Guitar

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I don't know that having this beautiful octopus-engraved guitar would improve my playing at all, but at least it would give people something entertaining to look at  to distract them from my playing...

O.R.k. - Soul of an Octopus

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Available now for pre-order is Soul of an Octopus - the sophomore release by O.R.k.  It all sounds like noise to me, but if it's your kind of noise you should check it out. I gather that if you are the kind of person who likes this sort of thing, then you might like it.

Olympic Octopus

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Remember that time during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, when the school bus turned into a giant octopus during the Fatboy Slim performance?