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Rainbow Octopus

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I can't find the original artist name (if you know, please ping me so I can give proper credit), but I love this painting.

Octopus on Vacation

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I took a week off from posting. Partially because I was on vacation. Partially because it was just a terrible, awful, no-good week here in my hometown of Orlando that was made even more difficult by family medical issues. But I'm back now. To celebrate my vacation, here's a book by Laura Jicha:


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Lately Disney seems to be marketing directly to me. Check out this trailer for Moana, coming out this fall. In particular, check out around the 18 second mark as Maui battles a giant octopus. Yay!


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I don't have anything profound so say right now. I've been crying off and on all day today over this morning's events in Orlando. I am dreading seeing the list of victims' names. I literally drove by Pulse yesterday afternoon. I am beyond words.

Vacation, Baby

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i hit my deliverables at wok, and now I'm on vacation for the next nine days. Aw, yeah.


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...and then there's the time an octopus stole a GoPro from a diver in order to take a selfie:

Balloony Octopus

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Here's a video posted by E/V Nautilus just a few days ago of a really cool pink octopus who has an amazing membrane between the tentacles that balloons up. It's really amazing to watch.


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Every August I spend two weeks at the Bellagio in Las Vegas for work. It looks like the Hermes store there has already prepared for my arrival, with this window display:


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I gather this is a hand-made creation from a French chocolatier. I'm just gonna say, if someone were to give me a chocolate octopus as a gift, I would love them forever.

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