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Entries for May 2016

Table Service

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I would be completely terrified to own this table. Not that the piece itself scares me, I just know that in my presence it would be broken pretty much immediately. But it's dang pretty.

Curled Tentacles

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Check this out - recently NOAA's Okeanos Explorer was doing research in the Gulf of Mexico when they spotted this dumbo octopus doing something totally unique. As they watched, it curled up its tentacles tightly - a behavior that had never been observed before. This is really, really cool.

Honda Paper

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I spent my morning at a Honda dealership getting my car serviced, and saw this cool commercial. In particular, check out the 45 second mark where a lovely cephalapod makes an appearance.

Finding Dory

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Pixar released a new trailer today for Finding Dory, and not only does it include Hank (the octopus voiced by Ed O'Neill) but also a surprise bonus cephalapod. It's like they made this movie just for me!

I am not a snappy dresser

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i had kind of a rediculous night tonight. Perhaps the only thing that could have improved it would have been wearing this shirt instead of the generic Hawaiian shirt I had available.

Volcano Day

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On this day in 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted in the Pacific Northwest. I'm a Seattle boy, born and raised, and so May 18th is forever etched into my brain as being Volcano Day. While it is true that National Geographic has an excellent hour-long documentary about the octopodes who continue to survive and flourish in the waters around the volcanic island of Stromboli, in the end I am going with the cool Octonauts toy today.

sk8r boi

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Check out this way cool street art for a skate park in Lugano, Switzerland:

For Love of Lucille

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Some days, I just think the internet was made specifically for me. I have no idea who 'shopped this, but bravo!


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Today being Friday the 13th, I googled Scary Octopus. This was one of the results. Baby octopus for the win!

Tired Octopus

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I'm just a tired octopus for no good reason.

Flying Octopus

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As a child I spent many happy hours flying kites nearby Haystack Rock at Canon Beach, Oregon. But I never got to fly an octopus kite. Now I'm kinda jealous!

Happy Star Wars Day

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On this lovely May the Fourth, of couse the only thing I can feature is the notorious Rathtar. I wouldn't recommend one as a pet.

Be Nice Out There

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We here at Octopodal Motion try to avoid political hot-button issues. I just want to say, as long as you keep your tenticles inside your stall and you wash your appendages after you are done, I don't much care what restroom you use. Rock on.

(thank you to reader John Abenroth for sending this picture)

Slept Like a Clam

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Sorry for my absence (for the probably two of you that might have noticed). I have been out sick for the past week. But last night I finally got a good and restful night's sleep, all bundled up and cozy like an octopus in a clamshell.