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I am not a snappy dresser

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i had kind of a rediculous night tonight. Perhaps the only thing that could have improved it would have been wearing this shirt instead of the generic Hawaiian shirt I had available.


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Looking for the perfect t-shirt to wear to any upscale social event? Check out "Unipus", from Michael Houghton at Designed by Monkeys! He has even been kind enough to offer free shipping in the US for readers of this blog, just enter the discount code 'octolove' when you are checking out. Yay!

DIY Octopus Shirt

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No matter how many times this talented young woman says, "You can do this", in my heart of hearts I know that she is wrong. I could never make a shirt this cool myself. Maybe one of my super talented artistic friends could do it.

The Perfect Necktie

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ME: Honey, how much would you expect to pay for a Ferragamo silk tie?

MY WIFE: Um... About $180?

ME: Huh. Well, I guess $165 for an octopus tie isn't as ridiculous as I thought...

(NOTE: I have no sense of style whatsoever, and am generally not allowed to pick out my own grown-up clothes)

Best Costume Ever

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You know what I love best about this costume (aside from it just being the cutest costume ever)? I've been staring at it for a while and I am still not positive which legs are the real ones.

My New Plan: Open a Small Hotel

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I stumbled across these bedding sets the other day, and honestly can't pick a favorite. I'll show a couple here, but you need to go look at the Ink and Rags etsy store to see the whole collection. Every one is beautiful, and there are at least two dozen. The only possible solution is for me to open a small hotel and decorate each room with a differnet tentacled bedset. And then sleep in a different room every night.

Bonus non-octopodal content:  They also have an excellent collection of Autism Awareness shirts. Check it out.

OCTOber Fourth: Fore!

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And now, in honor of OCTOber Fourth, let us all sing the praises of PGA Tour golfer Billy Horschel. In 2013 in made his first appearance at the pro level in the U.S. Open, playing in these truly awesome blue octopus pants.

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