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Entries for November 2015

The Singing Octopus

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So there I was last night, posting pictures of singers from my favorite Open Mike Night, when I joked that if I ever found a video of a singing octopos I"d be in trouble. And then I found this.

Stay Safe, Paris

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On Friday morning I had to fly cross-country on a family matter, attending the memorial service for a close relative. I was already out of sorts because of that. The day was made worse by the fact that my wife and I overslept, having had not one but TWO alarms fail, and despite a panicked race to the airport we missed our flight. We were able to be booked on a later flight, at some small expense, but overall it was just one of those low-grade crappy kind of days. While we were in the air and offline, the Paris terrorist attacks happened. Needless to say, my stupid little annoying troubles were placed rapidly into perspective.

My heart goes out to the city of Paris, and to all of the people touched by these terrible events. I have professional colleagues there, and fortunately everyone to whom I am connected is safe and well. Many others are not so fortunate.

I guess I need an octopus here somewhere, so here is some street art by Parisian artist GZUP. He seems like a pretty swell dude. He just runs around the streets of Paris vandalizing street corners with groovy octopodes painted on plywood, and gives away free art to passers-by.  I like him a lot.

Writing Is Scary

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On this Friday the 13th, I tip my hat to all of my author friends who know just how scary writing can be. Yeah, I write too - I even wrote a book - but I don't make a living at it. With this sculpture called "Self Organization", Oakland artist Courtney Brown captured exactly how I feel every time I start to think about writing a second book. I think I'll stick with writing code and writing silly octopus blogs for now...

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

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Alright, folks, it's time to get out your Barry White albums. I've got some hot cephalapod-on-cephalapod action going on here. I'm talking full penetration. Check out the size of the hectocotylus on this guy! As novelest Chuck Rogers might say, Mister Squid will be in her bunk!

Do You Like My Hat?

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Artist Robert McCauley has a thing for bears. But sometimes what a bear really needs is to wear an octopus as a hat, because Fashion. (Thank you to reader Melissa Lunt for the submission.)

A Tiny Handful of DAWWWWW

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This was sent to me yesterday afternoon by pretty much everyone simultaneously.You'll understand why as soon as you watch this little emerald beauty melt your heart.


Little Caribbean octopus

Posted by Drop Dead on Monday, September 14, 2015

The Great Pumpkin Came Four Days Ago

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I know, I know, I spent nearly two weeks doing Halloween stuff, and Halloween is over. But this is too cute to pass up. One of my coworkers has an adorable daughter. Well, I mean, I am sure several of my colleagues have adorable daughters, I work with a lot of people, but this one in particular just made me smile. The sweetie in question is six years older now, and still just as delightful. She gets it from her mom.

The Perfect Necktie

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ME: Honey, how much would you expect to pay for a Ferragamo silk tie?

MY WIFE: Um... About $180?

ME: Huh. Well, I guess $165 for an octopus tie isn't as ridiculous as I thought...

(NOTE: I have no sense of style whatsoever, and am generally not allowed to pick out my own grown-up clothes)

Coolest Octopus Ever

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Check out this gorgeous video, posted recently from a diver in Hawaii. He calls it the coolest octopus ever, and I can't disagree. Just look at all the gorgeous color/pattern/texture changes. She even lets the diver pose for a selfie near the end. Just a beautiful, beautiful encounter.