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Entries for March 2016

Om Nom Nom

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I gotta say, this octopus has it all figured out. Just sit in one spot, and wait for dinner to come to you.

Hand-hand-hand-hand-hand-hand-hand-hand-eye coordination

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NeuroDojo has a really cool article about a study that was done in to see if octopodes could integrate sight and touch. It's true that octopodes are smart, but they are smart in a very non-human kind of way.

Many (most?) vertebrates like us humans have brains that work (in part) by creating motor memory maps.It's the thing that let's you execute complex tasks like riding a bicycle, where once you learn the task it becomes second nature without requiring conscious thought. Invertabrates like the octopus, however, quite literally don't think like that.

Fair Bathers Attacked!

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Submitted by reader Michael Montoure, cast your eyes upon this horrifying front page account for the October 17, 1896 issue of The Illustrated Police News. Heavy emphasis on Illustrated.

Ghost Octopus

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Submitted by reader Approximately Everyone, here is a brand new octopus discovered this month in the deep waters off the coast of Hawaii.