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Christmas Gifts Part 1

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Holy cow, has it really been two months? Sorry. I kind of got distracted with a show I was doing and lost track. But I'm back now, and you will be shocked to hear I got some octopus-related gifts for Christmas. Here is a lovely new mug I got from my wife:

Littleford's Got Talent

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I don't know anything about the Octopus Drama Group except that they are named after my favorite cephalapod, they are an acting troupe (which is near and dear to my heart), and they are doing a fundraiser next month in Thornbury, England (just north of Bristol, and pretty dang close to Cardiff in Wales, home of Doctor Who which is also near and dear to my heart), with all procees to go to JIGSAW Thornbury, a local charity that supporst special needs children (my own son is autistic, so this is about as near and as dear as you can get to my heart). I hope you'll support them.

Happy Birthday, Star Trek

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Today is the 50th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Star Trek. In somewhat related news: over the past two months numerous people have sent me the video of the octopus kite, and yet not one person has sent me this spectacular Start Trek octopus kite.I had to dig it up myself. It's a real thing, from 1979. You're welcome.


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So I have this friend, he has a fear of moths. Which of course led to this picture. You are welcome, Michael.

Finally Home

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After ten days of being away working a major conference in Vegas (and walking more than 80 miles during those ten days), and a long day of travel yesterday, I am finally home again. Hooray!

Happy Independence Day!

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For all my fellow Americans, happy Independence Day! Here's a cool octopus firework:

In non-octopodal news, here John Cena (who is, for all intents and purposes, the real life Captain America) explaining what patriotisim really means:

Octopus on Vacation

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I took a week off from posting. Partially because I was on vacation. Partially because it was just a terrible, awful, no-good week here in my hometown of Orlando that was made even more difficult by family medical issues. But I'm back now. To celebrate my vacation, here's a book by Laura Jicha:

Volcano Day

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On this day in 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted in the Pacific Northwest. I'm a Seattle boy, born and raised, and so May 18th is forever etched into my brain as being Volcano Day. While it is true that National Geographic has an excellent hour-long documentary about the octopodes who continue to survive and flourish in the waters around the volcanic island of Stromboli, in the end I am going with the cool Octonauts toy today.


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Today being Friday the 13th, I googled Scary Octopus. This was one of the results. Baby octopus for the win!

Flying Octopus

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As a child I spent many happy hours flying kites nearby Haystack Rock at Canon Beach, Oregon. But I never got to fly an octopus kite. Now I'm kinda jealous!

Be Nice Out There

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We here at Octopodal Motion try to avoid political hot-button issues. I just want to say, as long as you keep your tenticles inside your stall and you wash your appendages after you are done, I don't much care what restroom you use. Rock on.

(thank you to reader John Abenroth for sending this picture)

Slept Like a Clam

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Sorry for my absence (for the probably two of you that might have noticed). I have been out sick for the past week. But last night I finally got a good and restful night's sleep, all bundled up and cozy like an octopus in a clamshell.

Hello DNNCon

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A big hello to anyone from DNNCon Baltimore who has actually taken the time to come and visit my site. I had a lot of fun doing my Ignite Session, and I am glad so many people seemed to enjoy it. If you decide to check out my book, or my sister site Shmoolok.com, that's way cool. If not, that's cool to. Feel free to drop me a line, just check out my Contact Info page for details.