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Entries for September 2016

Terrifying Boat Attack

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Check out this clip of the terrifying boat attack from the classic 1977 film Tentacles.  (NOTE: In this case the word "terrifying" might not exactly be the correct description.)

Goodbye Madeline. Our Hearts Are Broken.

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I have shared this image before, about a year ago, but it is the only thing that seems appropriate today. Madeline has been my (autistic) son's "girlfriend" for years, and was the only peer he ever showed any interest in interacting with. Last weekend she passed away unexpectedly, and today is the service. She was a beautiful young woman, and will be greatly missed.

Happy Birthday, Star Trek

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Today is the 50th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Star Trek. In somewhat related news: over the past two months numerous people have sent me the video of the octopus kite, and yet not one person has sent me this spectacular Start Trek octopus kite.I had to dig it up myself. It's a real thing, from 1979. You're welcome.

Invaders from Mars

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Ok, let me explain how I arrived at this one: The other day I was out doing yard work, and got either stung or bitten or poked in the back of the neck by some bug or thorn or something. I don't know what it was, but all of a sudden I had a huge angry welt on the back of my neck and it felt like I had an alien implant embedded there. Have you ever seen the original Invaders from Mars, where the Martians implant mind-control crystals in the back of the necks of their human slaves? Well, that's what I thought of. Which made me remember the Martian leader, basically a green-headed thing with tentacles floating in a glass sphere. 

Which is how me doing the landscaping led to today's post.


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So I have this friend, he has a fear of moths. Which of course led to this picture. You are welcome, Michael.

Green Label Mountain Dew

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My kingdom to the person who finds me an actual physical bottle of Mountain Dew with his special edition label artwork by Stephen Bliss:

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